Monday, September 12, 2011


After three years in the north we have accumulated quite a collection of Inuit art. The one thing that was missing was a print of some kind. Cape Dorset (where we lived before Pang) is the 'print capital' of the north and their annual print sale is world renowned. I've been to the sale and although there were quite a few pieces I would have loved to buy, the cost was just more than I was willing to pay. I'm not someone who buys art as an investment. If I like it and the price is right, I'll buy it. Even if there is no real value in it. I never found something that fit all my criteria so my search continued here.

Last time I was down at the Uqqurmiut Center for the Arts and Crafts I found what I was looking for. It's called Akuluk. An etching done my Andrew Qappik.

Even though I'll admit I've seen pieces that I like more than this one, when I saw it, it spoke to me for two reasons. One: Akuluk is a Inuit term of endearment that we use every day in our house. Two: The woman is wearing in amautiq. Being able to carry my babies in this traditional way will always be my favorite thing about living here.

I'm very happy that I finally have my 'wall art' to complete my collection. I really hope that means we're done buying because I suspect our collection already exceeds what we'll have room to display in our future home.