Friday, July 8, 2011

The cupboard is bare

It's getting to that time again where the shelves of our sealift room are getting very empty. I spent some time condensing everything in to one shelf in the other room and this is what we have left.

We did our own sealift this year when we were on our way back from Florida. We went over board on some things and we have of course realised since that there are things we completely forgot. I'm looking forward to all sorts of things like my new cookie sheets. Nick went a little crazy at Toys R Us so I think O is going to be a happy boy. I'm trying to convince him that we should save some of it for Christmas but we'll see if his excitement gets the better of him.

The boat is due to arrive the first few days of August so we'll have to wait till we get back from our vacation to enjoy all the stuff we have coming. I also made a big mistake by packing all the summer clothes we wore in Florida in the crates thinking that we would have them back long before the time for our vacation. In the crate is also my purse, sandals and bathing suit. I guess I have some shopping to do. Oh, poor me!