Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Super Pooper

Since Isaac was born he's already gone through a few nicknames. Mr. Isaac (pronounced Ee-s-aac after the artist from show Heroes), Chubalub, Mr. Chubs, Baby Goops (because of his goopie eyes when he had the infection) and the latest one... Baby Poops. I'm sure the explanation to that one is not required yet here it is. The kid is unbelievable. He poops through his diaper, AT LEAST once a day if not twice or more which means I have to change everything he's wearing and often times his sheets if he's in bed. Once I ended up cutting the onzie off him because it was so covered there was no way I could pull it over his head without major grossness happening. The strange thing is, he manages to poop all over himself with a minimal amount ending up in the diaper itself. I suspect it's sheer force that's causing the problem because I'm not kidding when I say I can usually hear the eruption from the other room.

I have had many comments saying that it's the diapers however I've tried a few different brands and it's all the same. I've been told that I should switch to cloth but that's not going to happen. I know people who use them love them and that's great but I'm not interested in the least. I have however decided to move him up a size hoping that the extra coverage will contain some of the fallout. I'm going through an unreasonable amount of laundry and it often ends up stained so it won't be good to sell or for hand me downs which is disappointing. I have some really cute stuff.

So between Isaac's ass explosions, the daily fight with Oliver over changing his diapers and potty training not even on the radar, my life is all about poop. But I guess that's my own fault. Having kids 21 months apart means a few crappy years... Literally. 

You'll forgive/thank me for not including a picture in this post. Me writing about it is probably too much information for most people. Pictures would loose me readers I'm sure. :0)


Melodie said...

Hahaha. It made me laugh! Wow, to hear it from the other room, must be some serious business! Awwww...poor baby. lol.

Melissa said...

I do cloth and love them, BUT if Isabella was the poop machine like Isaac, then not a chance. I've had some moments where she's had a good dumping and with the cloth it just goes everywhere. Also taking into consideration where you live it would cost you a small fortune to use cloth just in the washing process alone.

Good luck on the "bottom" business! Maybe you could use those shower caps from the hotels and cut two holes out of those to make a bum shield over the diapers! LOL!

Morena said...

Isaac is the 'smiliest' baby I've ever met so I don't think it bothers him a bit. He's usually extra smiley after his explosions so I think he's quite pleased with himself actually :)

And I love the shower cap suggestions Melissa... although it brings to mind a really gross skit out of a Jackass movie.