Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finally getting around to it

Quite a while ago Jen posted this meme on her blog and invited others to continue with it. I knew right away I wanted to participate because I kind of like this type of thing but just haven't taken the time so sit down and answer the questions. So, I'm finally getting around to it now. Please feel free to pass it on if you feel so inclined.

Maybe I should… let Nick do more around the house. I say ‘let’ because I think he would do more but I always want to just do it myself so it’s done right. It makes me crazy that he doesn’t do more but I think it’s my own fault. If I let go my need to have it done MY way and delegate him more chores I’m sure I’d be much happier.

I love… The sound of Isaac’s cry. We call it ‘The Lip’ and you can actually hear the sound of the pout loud and clear. It’s extremely cute... not that I want him to cry of course.

People would say that I’m… laid back. They couldn’t be more wrong but I think people would say it. I try and keep my neuroses under wraps and only share it with my closest friends and family. I come by it honestly... have you met my father and grandmother?

I don’t understand… how men don’t seem to grow Daddy Ears when their kids are born like we get Mommy Ears. Nick will sleep through anything and everything but if one of the kids so much as farts in their sleep I’m awake. I’ve learned waiting for him to voluntarily get up through the night isn’t going to happen since I can get up any number of times and he will ask in the morning if I was up at all. I’ve learned to wake him up and I don’t feel guilty about it.... any more.

When I wake up in the morning… I have to lay there a while. Even if I’m very well rested I can’t jump right up to the sound of an alarm and get right into my day. I have to snooze at least once or twice before I can drag myself out of bed. Needless to say, I’m not a morning person.

I lost… respect for much of the world when I saw Jersey Shore for the first time. These are people we want raised to celebrity-dom? Even I, the queen of loving reality horror shows can’t understand why people would spend their time watching that garbage.

Life is… a process of trial and error. Someone can tell you but unless you try it yourself and deal with the consequences, you rarely learn anything.

My past is… cleaner than I would like it to be. I’d like to say I have a few skeletons but sadly that’s not he case. I’ve always had a healthy fear of my parents and/or the authorities so I’ve been pretty well behaved.

I get annoyed when… I buy something down south and don’t find out that it’s broken/wrong/used till I get it back up north and have no way to return it. Twice I’ve bought something and got it back here only to open the ‘sealed’ box and find that it’s been used before. A piss off always and rather gross in the case of the hair clippers I bought a couple weeks ago. I opened them last night to cut Oliver’s hair and who ever had the product before must have put his old clippers in the box and returned them cause the ones in there obviously used and they aren’t even the same brand!!! Grrrrrr!

Parties are… I’m not sure... parties?.... hmmm. I don’t think I understand the question. Parties.... oh yeah! I think I’ve gone to a few of those years ago. In all honesty, I like a dinner party with a few close friends or a small gathering around a camp fire. I’m not cut out for mingling and small talk so I’ve never been a fan of big parties with lots of people. Even among people I know I feel like I’m on the outside looking in. I guess that’s the introvert in me.

I wish… I could find the will power and the desire to get myself in shape. I can come up with a million excuses why I can’t or why it’s too hard at this time in my life but they are just excuses. I just haven’t made the decision to do it and stick to it. Until I do, it won’t happen.

Dogs… I wouldn’t know. Tank isn’t a real dog. He’s more of a headstrong, needy child in a fur coat. However, I think everyone with a family should have a bulldog. I don’t think we could have asked for a better pet for our kids.

Cats… live in my house but I never see them. Izzy and Zazu used to be social, loving animals that would sleep with us every night. Ever since we got Tank they live a sad existence under our bed and rarely come out to play. I miss them and wish they would give up the grudge.

Tomorrow… is my sleep in day. The best day of the week.

I have a low tolerance… for whining. That’s a hard one when you have a two year old but I’m doing my best to teach him that whining gets you no where with me.

If I had a million dollars… I wouldn’t have to eat Kraft dinner. But of course I still would eat Kraft Dinner, I’d just eat more!

I’m totally terrified… of being the mother of THAT KID. I don’t ever want to have the kid that people talk about as the worst or as the one they are so glad their kid isn’t like.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Love your answers! You and I are so similar.

The Jersey Shore thing bothered me too. I watched an episode while at the hotel our last trip to town and my brain started to shut down.