Friday, February 11, 2011


We've decided this vacation is cursed.

As I've already mentioned, our outgoing travel nightmare started us out on the wrong foot. Since we live in the arctic that's not news. But it's seems it's contageous this time around. My parents were delayed getting here by a full 24 hours. Nick's mom and sister missed their flight, and then had a 3 hour delay on the next one.

When I left last Thursday I came down with a pretty sever sore throat that continued day after day. Today it's been 7 days and the side of my neck is swollen to the size of a baseball. Nick has been running a fever for the last 3 days and has picked up my sore throat. We finally gave in and went to the walk in clinic this morning and we are now both on antibiotics.

My mother ended up with blood poisoning, we think care of one of Isaac's explosive poops. She was holding him when he did it and ended up with it all over her arm. She had a small cut on her hand from something she had done previously and by the next morning had a nice red line running up her arm. Antibiotics to the rescue there too and luckily all is well.

The weather has been pretty crappy since we've been here too. Most days have been rainy and cool although this is the least of my worries. It was -30 in Pang when I checked so no matter what, no complaining about the weather.

Lastly, nobody is sleeping well. Well, Isaac seems to be doing well which is good for me but that's the only thing working in my favor. I hate our pillows, my neck and head are sore, Nick is tossing and turning cause he's not feeling well, Oliver keeps getting up and coming to 'not sleep' in our bed. All around, we're tired.

So that's the run down. On a positive note, Isaac got some medicated cream at the walk in clinic in Ottawa when we went through and is doing so much better. His face is almost cleared up completely. We are enjoying our company and look forward to us all feeling better so we can make the most of the time we have left. Still lots to do and see and I refuse to remain angry about all the negatives.

Here is to the next 16 days. They can only get better!


pollyandaleczmom said...

If you want to jump-ship I would be happy to give you both our bed and take care of you. Just a short plane ride away!!!

Melodie said...

O noes! Sorry to hear. You try to get away and that's what you get. Hopefully the next 16 days goes better.

I don't recommend going to Florida to 'get away' in terms of weather. Even though it's not -30, it's quite cool and yes rainy this time of yr. If you go there for Disney though, then it's good.

Hope the temp. rises and spirits too. Get better. Sounds like you need to plan another vacation to replace this one. lol.

Karyn said...

Go to Target and buy some pillows! You can just leave them behind when you go.

In Iqaluit said...

Wow, that is a lot going on when you all deserve some rest and relaxation! I hope all improves, the antibiotics do their job, and everyone is sleeping well soon. Thanks for keeping us updated on your vacation!

Now... have you had a chance to do much shopping?? Even a grocery shopping trip or to a drug store? Don't the lower prices make you giddy? :)