Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oliver's need for speed

We finally got to Orlando on Saturday afternoon, only 3 days late, after a long and painful trip. Painful mostly due to lack of sleep, aching body parts and a little sickess among our party. Since we lost the first few days with my parents we jumped right in to sighseeing spending Sunday at Disney's Animal Kingdom, shopping with my mom on Monday and then to Disney's Magic Kindom on Tuesday. It's been a busy few days so we plan to lay low for the next couple. Nick's Mom and Sister come tonight but they are here for 2 weeks so we're in no hurry to hit the bricks and be total tourists.

I haven't really had time to sort through pictures from the first few days so I'll leave you with this video. This is Oliver's first roller coaster experience. It was Goofy's Barnstormer in Toontown at the Magic Kingdom. I knew he we would love it since he loves everything fast and has no fear. Enjoy!

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jen said...

Looks like he LOVED it! Hope you get some rest so you can tour, sight see and shop yourself to the bone before your back north!