Thursday, December 2, 2010

Foodmail Rant

I am so annoyed with Foodmail!!

As of October 1st the foodmail program has changed and many of the things they used to allow are no longer included. The general goal is to make the choices healthier and not cover things that are not considered good for you. Fine. I get that. But they seem to have a skewed view on what things fall under this category.

Things that are no longer allowed: Sour cream, bacon, Kraft dinner. Annoying but I guess I can agree. These are not the healthiest choices.

More things that you can't get anymore: Chickpeas, hummus, brushetta, cream cheese, dry pasta noodles.  

But yet you can still get: Delissio Pizzas and Hungry Man frozen dinners.

Pasta not healthy? In moderation, it's a staple in most balanced diet plans. And in what world is a frozen pizza healthier than hummus? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they still include pizzas because they cost $17 each at the northern. But I seriously can't get chickpeas? Since when are they not healthy? Hungry Man dinners! They are not only disgusting but a heart attack waiting to happen with their 'One Pound of Food'.

I just don't get it. Grrrrrrr.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is so odd!!

They were talking about it on the radio today and they made it sound like on retailers could use it and it wasn't for personal use anymore.

Have you seen a change in prices at the store at all since they changed it?

Morena said...

Kara, I know they are making more changes in April. I think that's when it'll be only for the stores but I'm not sure.

I couldn't tell you about the changes in the store. I've bought the same things over and over again from foodmail and never bought those things here so I'm not sure how much they cost before. They did have a sign up in the store saying that prices will be going up on things like bacon and ice cream. I can tell you that bacon is $13 a pack right now. That's a good thing cause I won't buy it anymore... at least not very often :) But my philosphy of shopping locally is that I need to look at the price, I don't need it. If I need it, I don't look at the price.

Anonymous said...

I take it the changes proposed are cost-saving measures for items that can be shipped via land (marine vessel) versus air - not necessarily a judgement on nutrition benefits of the food item (except for bacon! wish I was still up north, excellent reason for my husband to eat less bacon!)
I wonder though if this further burdens families that can not make a year's worth of food purchases on sealift due to unavailability of income for such a large instantaneous purchase. Many live from cheque to cheque using the food mail program each month. Will the gov't provide loans for these families?

Anonymous said...

I know in Kugaaruk a 4L of ice cream is $, I know ice cream isn't 'nutritious', but come on, in what world does it cost $39 for ice cream? I'm glad all these changes took place after we left and I feel bad for all of you who have to put up with it!!!

Morena said...

Thanks for that link anonymous, I'd been looking for that list and hadn't found it!

Yes, I'm sure that it does cause issues for people. Things like diapers and toilet paper are not allowed anymore (I'm sure due due to shipping costs as you said) so I would imagine the local retailers may pass the additional costs on to customers. Diapers are already double what they cost down south at about $72 for a jumbo pack.

Lots of people don't do sealifts so I'm sure they'll see a big difference in more than just food.

Jennith said...

I was ticked about cream cheese - especially since you can't get fat free or low fat flavoured cream cheese from the store. I didn't know about the hummas, that would explain why it was left off my order. I figure its just a matter of time before I have to give up Squash, peppers, cucumber, celery and grapefruit because the changes in how shipping subsidies are handled are going to mean I'm stuck with whatever they decide to carry at the northern and in whatever condition it happens to be.

Aida said...

i am unsure about the new program too.i agree some of it seems a bit ridiculous.

kara, the 4 liter chapman ice cream was $14.99, now its $19.99. also the bacon was $9.75, i dont know about the new price since we dont buy bacon here.

imo foodmail in the eastern arctic is stupid. it doesnt really save money unless its something i cant get here. when i buy from foodmail, there are so many charges add on to it that it doesnt make it worth it. when i was doing foodmail in Arviat, through safeway in winnipeg, it was just price of groceries + foodmail rates. so i will be buiying $200 worth of groceries and paid just $50 for shipping as oppose to buying $50 from metro foodmail and paying $80 for shipping + whatever fees metro charges..irritating!