Monday, November 29, 2010

Wow! What a storm!

Friday night I was woken up by something thumping the underside of our house. The power was out and the house was rocking. We were in the middle of a crazy rain and wind storm. I've seen a few storms since we've been northerners but this was by far the windiest I've ever experienced. Apparently the gusts were upwards of 130 kms an hour at times. That's as fast as a category three hurricane!

We found out the next morning that the banging I heard was a piece of our house that had pulled away. Our yard is also littered with wood from the construction site across the street. The other side of town didn't have power restored till late on Sunday. Several people lost their boats and one guy had his truck overturned. Several oil tanks were knocked over too and one of them was leaking in the fiord. The worst was the two houses that had their roofs ripped off. I'm thankful I only had to deal with a little noise and a weekend without internet.

Saturday the town had a meeting to decide on strategy to clean up and help anyone who needed it. Nick helped getting fuel to people that didn't have power so they could at least run their stoves. The one thing that actually worked in everyones favor was that it was very warm all weekend. When I got up on Saturday morning it was +7 out! The warm temperatures at least kept everything from freezing so the clean up crews could get out safely.

Today they are forcasting a heavy snow fall so it looks like our snow will be replenished after it all melted again. Will this time be the last? Has winter finally come? It's still above zero so I'm thinking probably not. But I'm still not complaining.


Sarah said...

Glad you are safe! I was thinking about everyone in Pang...

Clare said...

Saw David Kilabuk's photos on Facebook. Unbelievable.