Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tormenting My Brother

This photo was taken by my mom specifically to torment my brother. Ryan is what you would call a die hard Leafs fan and this shot of his nephews promoting his arch rivals would really upset him. It's been a long time rivalry in our house with the men always cheering for the Leafs since my dad grew up in southern Ontario. My mom, having grown up in Montreal has always been a Habs fan so my sister and I jumped on her bandwagon growing up. My mom picked these shirts out for the kids last time they where in Montreal and we couldn't help but take the opportunity to tease Ryan just a little.

His response when he was emailed the picture? He threatened to call social services and report child abuse. 


Laura E :) said...

Obviously the ladies were the smart ones in the house growing up :) Nice shirts!

Anonymous said...

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