Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The date weekend than never was

I thought I had the worst luck when it comes to travelling in the north but it seems I've been dethroned. Unthroned?? Whatever, you get it....

Nick and I had been apart for 23 days when we had a date weekend planned for Halifax. A good friend of Nick's was getting married so he'd planned a few days vacation, Oliver would stay with my mom and I would meet him on Thursday night. Well of course the travel gods and mother nature had other plans. The flight was cancelled leaving Pang Thursday morning so he wasn't going to catch the Air Canada flight to Ottawa and make it into the maritimes. Turns out the flight Friday morning was already full so again, he wouldn't be able to catch Friday's flight either. He was able to get a seat on the later flight on Thursday but since the morning flight was cancelled we suspected the later one wouldn't go either. That prediction turned out to be right when that flight was cancelled too. Luckily it had already landed in Pang (the weather this time was Iqaluit not Pang) so it was there for the night guaranteeing that it would leave in the morning.

Things where looking up. Nick left Friday morning at 7am so he was going to be there with lots and lots of time to make the Ottawa flight..... but then the Air Canada flight cancelled. Now what to do? At that point we where going to miss the wedding anyway so was there any point in continuing? But since it was already too late for him to get the flight back to Pang, he was in Iqaluit for the night anyway. Finally on Saturday at midnight he was able to get himself to the maritimes. Since it was too late to make the wedding he came right to Saint John and we where able to get 2 full days and 3 nights together. It's not the 3 kid free nights in Halifax we'd hoped for but we'd take it.

For the short time it was, we really had a great time. It was nice to see Oliver and Nick together again and I'm really glad we had that time. It made me happy that Nick got a chance to see the changes in Oliver that I get to see everyday. He's talking so much more and I'd say that his vocabulary has doubled. He says something new every day. Being around lots of other people as well as my nephew who never shuts up, he's learning so much and seems so much more grown up.

After the whirlwind trip Nick had to leave yesterday morning and headed for the airport at 430 in the morning. The flight was delayed an hour. He got to Montreal just in time to run on to the next plane which was then also delayed 45 minutes. He landed in Iqaluit late but with lots of time for his connection. But alas, the flight to Pang was cancelled. So once again he was sitting in Iqaluit for the night.  

I'm now waiting on flight tracker to tell me if he's going to get back to Pang today . The weather forecast is showing fog so I'm guessing the chances are slim, at least for this morning. By now I'm sure he's just dying to get back home, I know I would be....

The saga continues.