Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Plans

The countdown to playgrounds and playdates is down to 7 more days and I don't think I could be any more excited. Our adventure will begin with the flights since Oliver is that much busier now so I'm not sure what to expect. He's always been a great flyer but 6 months can change things dramatically.

Our first round of flights takes us to the first stop on our itinerary. We'll be spending a few days in London, Ontario to visit Jen and Ezri. I'm so excited to hang out with them. We have big plans which include shopping for maternity clothes because as you all know, there isn't a Thyme or Motherhood in my neighbourhood. (Believe it or not, there isn't one in my home town of Saint John which just happens to be the biggest city in NB?? Go figure) Along with shopping, we are going to hang out by Ezri's kiddie pool, drink slushy drinks and maybe even get to the spa for some pampering.

I will also be meeting up with my Grandmother in London. She hasn't seen Oliver since he was a week old so it should be fun to see her get to know him. Our plans include travelling up to the very small town of Rodney (about 45 minutes north of London) where she lived when my grandfather was alive. I spent many wonderful summers there when I was a young teenager. It's always nice to go back and feed my memories of the hours and hours at the local pool, eating ice cream with my grandpa afterwards and boys I used to crush on there.

After my time in Ontario it's off to New Brunswick for the rest of the summer. Oma (my mother) keeps telling me she can't wait to get her hands on Oliver. I'm thrilled she feels that way because I'm very much looking forward to some non-mommy time. There seems to be lots of people clamouring to spend time with him so I should get many much needed breaks. Of course between those breaks there are many things I want to do with my little man. From beaches to zoos we should be busy.

The lists have been made for weeks and the packing has just begun. I'm trying my hardest to bring the smallest amount of stuff I possibly can so there is lots of room to bring things back. I think my lists reflect meeting that goal but sometimes they are just the tip of the iceburg in the packing department. We'll see how it goes.

I do hope however that Ontario's heat wave breaks before I get there. Thankfully both Jen and my grandmother have air conditioning.


Melodie said...

I live in S. Ontario...and I love the heat wave! Haha. I guess you're used to cooler temps though. O btw, Ontario hasn't had a heat wave like this for about 4 years!

Well enjoy your trip to Ontario!

In Iqaluit said...

Good luck! I sooo know what you mean about trying to pack light. Let us know how it goes!

Does Saint John have an Old Navy that has a maternity section? If they do, they're great prices!

Have fun!

Sarah said...

Hope this next week goes by quickly.. and the flights/travels run smoothly for you!! :)

..I'm going to be in London next week.. Wed to Sat morning! (is that when u are going to be there?!)

hope you have a fantastic trip!! :) and you get out of Pang on time as scheduled!!


Cynthia said...

Have a great trip! I thought there was a Thyme in SJ??? That is where I bought my mat clothes (though admittedly it was a while ago so it may have closed by now). I have AC too... maybe I'll get to see you on this visit?? I hope to meet Oliver and the new squash :)


Morena said...

Sadly the Old Navy in SJ doesn't have maternity either. London does however and it's my first stop!

And Cindi, Thyme closed years ago. They said having one in SJ and one in Moncton was too close! Can you beleive that?? And the closest Motherhood is in Halifax!! Unless Freddie has something I haven't heard of.