Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poppin' It Old School

Like most kids Oliver loves anything he can push or pull around. He didn't really have any toys that fit the bill so I decided to take a walk down the toy aisle at the northern the other day. The catch was to find something that he'd love that didn't break the bank. I'm not sure if 50% is considered a successful shopping trip but I did find something. 

What we got was a old fashioned Fisher-Price Corn Popper. Retail price: $42.99!!

I almost died. Of course there wasn't a price on the shelf but I figured it couldn't be that bad. When the cashier told me I was so close to saying forget it but I knew that he would love it and he really hasn't had anything new in so long. I also calculated that if I decided to get my mom to send me one, the long shape would mean Canada Post would charge a fortune so I bit the bullet and gave her my credit card.

When I got home I checked Toys R' Us just to see what it would have cost down south and sure enough, $16.99. But, I was happy to see that had I decided to buy from them the shipping would have been $39.95 so all tolled I would have paid $59.79. So I got a deal! Sort of?? I really wish Toys R' Us didn't charge so much for shipping because there are so many other toys I'd love Oliver to have. Then again, maybe it's a good thing cause he probably doesn't need them all anyway. If anyone knows of a good toy site that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping (other than Costco) I'd love to know about it.

The end of the story is that Oliver loved his toy and hasn't stopped playing with it since. I find it funny that such a simple toy could still be so perfect after all these years. It's been around since 1957 so I guess Fisher-Price knows what they're talking about. I recommend it to anyone who has a one year old.


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

If you sign up for sale notifications with Mastermind toys, every once and awhile they have free shipping (even to up here!!!) if you spend over $100...a little bit much, but I did it before Christmas last year (they had the sale in November) and I bought Christmas gifts, Paige's birthday gift, and Hanna's birthday gift so it was really worth it!

Tigger said...

Yep, Mastermind! Did some bulk shopping from there, Christmas gifts for some friend's kids too-was great!

Morena said...

Thanks guys! Right now they are showing free shipping for anything over $75. I'll keep this in mind for Christmas and the grandma's will love it as well I'm sure. The only negative, I really don't like the way the site is set up, too many categories to go through. The "see all' option just shows a different view of the same categories. Anyway, thanks again for the tip.

Jody said...

I remember those from when my brother was little (he's 29 now ;).

I understand about children needing new toys to keep them busy and interested and I don't blame you for purhasing it for your adorable boy.

My nephew is only 1 and has more toys then he knows what to do with, many that remain unused. Its such a shame when some children have hardly any (but are usually just as happy).