Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unofficial beginning of summer

Sometimes I'm amazed at how out of touch I can be living up here. It was brought to my attention by a random Facebook status update that this is the first long weekend of summer. Or to all you maritimers.... MAY 2-4! I had no idea. When I read it, I was all, 'what do you mean long weekend?'

In honor of what I'd like to be doing this weekend, instead of watching the snow fall, I'm going to day dream.....

....I'm sitting on a lawn chair, around a campfire. Phil and Andy are playing their guitars and we're all singing bad versions of Blue Rodeo and Pearl Jam songs. There are hot dogs on straightened out wire hangers over the fire, there is lots of beer in the cooler and I'm surrounded by all my favorite people. We are all laughing hysterically, my husband is being inappropriate (as usual), Sarah is taking too many pictures but we all smile anyway.... it's my favorite place in the world.

Happy unofficial beginning of summer everyone! I hope you all get to be in your favorite places. Please have a beer for me.

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