Friday, May 21, 2010

Happiness is....

a case of pizzas... well, at least it is for Nick. It IS his favorite food next to turkey dinner.

I've started stocking up on things for Nick to eat when I leave Pang for my 'confinement period'. To those of you don't know, woman can't deliver babies in the small northern communities that are only serviced by nurses at the health center. The normal procedure is that at 35 weeks or so you are sent out for 'confinement' to Iqaluit where you stay and wait for the baby to arrive. Gotta love that they call it confinement huh? As you can imagine, I'm not willing to do that so I'll be heading back to Saint John NB, our home town, to be around people I know and love. I'm actually leaving earlier than the norm, around 30 weeks so Oliver can enjoy a bit of the summer in the land of beaches, playgrounds and play dates. And Grandma's.

So back to the pizzas. Foodmail this week had them on 2 for 1. You can't beat that, especially since Delissio's here are $17 a piece. So, I ordered 12. I'm sure that won't get him through the 2 months till he joins me in Saint John but it'll make a dent. I also started to load up on ground beef in preparation for the lasagnas I have to make. Eventually I'll also make him some meat pies, and I think this time I'm going to make an attempt at sheppard's pie as well. These are all things (exception: the lasagna) that I don't eat and that freeze really well so it's a perfect time to let him indulge without my having to suffer. It's also because if I don't fill the freezer for him I know full well he'll exist on omelets and sandwiches.

I think it's the least I can do since I'm leaving him behind to fend for himself while I enjoy restaurants, family members cooking for me and take out. After cooking every single meal for months in a row, if I don't see a stove for a while, I won't complain. In the meantime, I wait for more ingredients to go on sale. 7 weeks and 5 days till I leave... but who's counting?


The Reid Family said...

It will be good for you to go home to have the baby. I wanted to have my baby in Rankin but due to complications, I was medivaced out to Winnipeg. The most stressful situation ever. They wouldn't let my husband on the plane and he had to come hours later on a commercial flight. It all worked out in the end but I know that I will not be having another baby in the North. I will go home next time.

Speaking of which, I am from Fredericton, NB. :)

Cynthia said...

I am sure glad that you are coming home... I hope to see you and meet your little man while you are home. It sounds like Nick will be well fed while you are away... I am no where near as considerate of my husband as you are :)

Morena said...

I hope we can get together too Cindi. We'll have to do it with Ang and her kids too.

As for you not being as considerate, I'm a sucker.. no doubt about it. I think he's even more useless now than he was when we got together. But hey, I don't work so I guess keeping him fed is my half of the 'family income'

Aida said...

i like that you say he can very much exist on omelet and sandwiches, same

have a safe delivery!

Jody said...

I don't blame you one bit for going back east to have the baby :)

When my friend Tina (Just Below 63) moved up north I was shocked at the price of food! I thought food in the UK was expensive, lol