Thursday, April 8, 2010


When we decided to get a dog I did lots of research to make sure bulldogs were good with children. All the books said they were a great kid friendly breed but I never thought that any dog could be this passive.

I have 10 more pictures like these and Tank never, ever wakes up. He's a good big brother.


Tara Muise said...

that's crazy! did he like the treats? i'm making some more doggy biscuits (different recipe)...perhaps tank could help my pups in finishing them.

Jennifer said...

How sweet! I have a cavalier king charles spaniel and Ellyott loves to play all over her too... pulling her tail, pointing at her eyes, nose, ears etc over and over telling her what they are... it amazing how the dogs will adapt to the kids!

Aida said...

that is pretty funny and crazy!