Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bath Night

I'm sure you've heard those stories of how back in the 'old days' Saturday night was bath night. Everyone in the family had their turn and they all used the same water. Even though we're not trying to ration water we decided to have our own version of Saturday night bath night and put Oliver and Tank in together. Oliver loved it! And even though it doesn't show Tank did too, he really likes to be bathed.


Laura E :) said...

Cute! Oliver is looking more like you every day! How many teeth does he have now?

My Zazu enjoys the bathtub on occasion... but only if she's in the right mood!

Morena said...

Do you think he looks like me?? I think he's all Nick. My nose maybe but that's about it. He has 10 teeth with a couple more on the way soon.

I love that your cat loves the tub... mine love to sit on the edge and drink the water that's it.