Monday, February 1, 2010

He went to Jared!

I'm watching the Bachelor and writing a post about the fever Oliver had today and thinking that it could be the worst, most boring post I've ever writen. Lucky for you, during the last commercial break there was a 30 second spot where this guy was telling the story of how he met his girlfriend and at the end, he asked her to marry him (with a diamond from Jared of course) so now I'm going to blog about that.

Call me traditional but I think a proposal should be between 2 people and not for millions during a bad reality show. The same goes with proposals at hockey games, at family reunions, in restaraunts.... or any other public venues. Even if you're really sure and would of course say yes, I think the pressure of everyone watching makes it so much less special. Can you imagine being proposed to where all of North America is asked to log on to some website to see if you said yes? I think that's mortifying. Maybe it's just me. Then again, who am I to judge, I'm watching the Bachelor which may be the worst show ever put on TV. But I do love watching crazy woman make fools of themselves on TV.  I should really turn it off and go read a book or something.

Off topic... how is it that all 25 of the woman fall in love with the guy? None of them meet him and say, you know, he's great but he's just not my type. Great casting? I think it's more like surpreme female competition. 

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Aida said...

dont know but i get sucked in every time watching its actually quite amusing. i am dying to get your dish up, i cant live a day with CBC anymore! tsk tsk