Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hot tip

I have been doing alot of on-line shopping lately. Nick's birthday is next week, Christmas is coming soon, Baby Steals has had some good stuff and I've ordered a Christmas tree. I couldn't bare the thought of the holiday without a tree. It's bad enough that I can't have a real tree, but no tree at all just wouldn't do. If you are in the same boat, Costco- Free shipping!

Anyway, my point of this post is to bring a website to your attention that I'm finding pretty helpful. It's Retailmenot and it's full of 'coupon codes' from tonnes of different online stores. You know, before you put in your credit card they always ask if you have a promo or coupon code. This site gives you the code and the percentage of times that it was successful for others. You can also post a code if you know one and share the savings. Since finding it I've found it to be hit and miss for the places I shop. Many times the coupons are specific to a certain product rather than an amount off a total purchase. However, I've saved as much as 25% on other purchases so it's well worth the couple of seconds it takes to search before I confirm my transaction. With the holidays coming up, everyone can use to save a few bucks so check it out.

Oh! and can you believe I got my Chapters order in 5 days?? 5 DAYS! And with free shipping, No coupon code required. I'm just so shocked.... I had to share.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Thanks for sharing!!

And I was sure Costco was going to cut Nunavut off after all the stuff we ordered from them! Glad they haven't yet!

Tammy said...

I love "retailmenot", I've been using their website for a couple of months now. I'll take the 5 extra minutes it takes out of my day to find a working code to save 10-25% or a free item! I love a good bargain.
Chapters in 5 days, wow that IS impressive.

Tara Muise said...

ordered from chapters august 24th. nothing. despite numerous - and increasingly irrate - phone calls and emails.

thanks for the other tips though!

Aida said...

i love retailmenot too! and i am starting to get on the costco van. we have a crappy tree..we might need to get another one..

5 days? not bad..try 1 day..i bought something in winnipeg when we were living in arviat, not is a personal thing not a store..but i got it next day!! yep, i was shocked!!