Friday, September 11, 2009

Questions I'd love to ask my dog

-What is it about the broom (swiffer, mop, guitar hero guitar, garbage can, rubbermaid tub, didgeridoo, food dish, box vacuum, suitcase...) that scares you so much?

-I know you scratch at the food drawer when you want something. Would it be possible to use some some sort of code so I can better serve you? Perhaps one scratch for food, two for a denta-stick and three for ice cubes?

-I would really love to know what is it you smell that tells you that THIS is the spot to poo on.

-What are you dreaming about when we wake up at 5 am to you humping the blanket in your sleep... ok, that one may not require an an answer

-Do you do the same excited dance at the window when you see me coming up the hill to the house that you do for your Dad? or do I maybe have my own version?


Indigo said...

that face is starting to grow on me

Morena said...

Oh Indigo, if you met him you'd love him. He's got a great personality which makes him even better looking (like most men I guess). If you come to Dorset in the next year I'd be happy to meet you and introduce you to Tank.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahhahaahha humping the blanket in his sleep! What a hoot!!

Tress said...

Good old Tank-O....

I often sit and wonder what is going on in my dog's head to...

something are better off not known...

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