Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A sad goodby

Tomorrow is a day I've been dreading for months. Tomorrow Jen and Nathan move back down south and I'm very sad. Jen has been a life line and my go to person for the last year and it's just not going to be the same here without her. I met Jen via Blake's Blog when I was googling information on Cape Dorset. I posted a message on his comments page and Jen contacted me after seeing the post. I was thrilled to find she was also part of the RCMP family so I knew we were going to see alot of each other if. For the next few months we emailed consistently. I asked all the usual questions and she was full of great information. I can't imagine having made the move without her. Actually, I can imagine. I would have showed up without rubber boots... what would I have done then? That of course was not the only good piece of information I got but it's one appreciate to this day.

Early on we confided that we were both planning on starting families soon. I remember she wrote, 'as long as we're not due in the same month' as it would be hard for both our husbands to get time off at the same time. Not long after, Jen told me she was pregnant. Well, I was too but hadn't told her yet. What a shock it was to find out that we were not only due in the same month, but the SAME WEEK! Two days apart actually. Luckily, it all worked out and Nick and Nathan both got home in time. And would you believe that our kids were born exactly 12 hours apart? It was great having another pregnant lady and mom along for the crazy ride.

I'm going to miss Jen for lots of reasons but the biggest one is that she's a do-er. I'm a homebody and a follower by nature so I really like having an instigator to get me out of my routine. Jen is always the one planning getting out to penny sales, walks with the dogs, ski-doo afternoons, girls nights, spa nights... I could go on. With her gone I may never leave my house again!

For their last night as northerners we decided to have a group dinner. Our dinners have become a regular part of our social life so it was a no-brainer. Not to mention their house is packed up so otherwise they wouldn't eat. Tonight sort of brought us full circle since they hosted our first northern meal. It seemed only right that we host their last.

So farewell my friends. I wish you well and hope 'down south' treats you well. Think of us often and know that you'll be missed.

I love this picture! And a good example of why you need rubber boots.

Meaghan was pregnant along with us and had her baby three weeks after our kids were born.

Tank and Jen have a special connection. He listens to her much more than he does to me.

Ezri, Oliver and Mercedes. This was the last time the three of them were together. O will miss you Ezri!


Megan said...

Aw, you guys are so cute together.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh man, that is making me tear up!

Kate Nova said...

Sniff, me too!

jen said...

AWE! Cheryl mentioned you had made a post and got teary eyed and well I did too. That was lovely, thank you. I'm really going to miss our little family. But it's not goodbye, it's just see you later hahah that's cheesy. Just think of it as an extended IPA and you can come out and visit me.

Michelle said...

Hey Morena,

Chris and I came across your blog today while we were researching the North via blogs. Chris has been asking Nick lots of questions, and I'm pretty sure he just wants to go for it, but I'm still undecided.....I'm having a difficult time having the 2 kids so far away from my family already....aahhh, who knows what we'll do? Can't believe their graduation was just 4 years ago - lots has changed since then!

Great blog, and great pictures!


Morena said...

Michelle, just in case you are getting follow up emails... if you want to contact me feel free. I'd love to answer questions if I can.

I'll get Nick to send my address to Chris too.

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