Saturday, September 19, 2009

If you can't beat 'em, make money off 'em.

I'm sure there are many of you out there who read or at least have heard of HeatherArmstrong. Her blog Dooce is pretty well known, especially among the moms of the world. I became aware of her on Oprah last season during that wildly informative show about the dirty secrets mom's keep on how they feel about and deal with motherhood. After seeing her on the show I was loaned her book and now I often check out her posts. I will be the first to admit that she's not my favorite blogger and found her book a little bit more than whiny. Having said that I do find her entertaining.

Anyway, the reason I bring her up is because no matter how I feel about her writing, I now think she's genius on a whole other level. Her post yesterday was all about her hate mail, or hate comments I guess I should say. On the suggestion of a friend he has decided to publish all her hate mail for us to enjoy... and the kicker? She has put adds all over it so she makes money off the crazy, hateful and just plain mean things people say. I read through the the first 8 pages or so and I must say I was was blown away. I'm fine with people disagreeing with her opinions but I can't believe people are so hateful on things like her looks, her marriage or what her kid wore to school the first day. Check it out if you want a good laugh, it's called Monetizing the Hate and it's worth a quick look. I'm sure she and her kids college fund will thank you.

On a personal note... Reading the comments made me think about my experience with this type of thing, like when Nick and I went to Las Vegas this past May. While going through the airport one of the baggage screeners made a point to comment on the amautik vest that I was wearing Oliver in. Her exact quote was 'I don't agree with that, that's not safe'. Nick was quick to comment back on how that was how everyone does it 'where we come from'. It was the same when Nick played 'airplane' with O. (See below. Oliver LOVED this but he's too big and heavy now) It never bothered me at all but there was no shortage of people saying he shouldn't do it, that it wasn't safe.

It annoys me that people feel the need to criticize other people so openly. Sure, I have my opinions on how others may parent or things people say on their blogs but my mother taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all. Unless someone is abusing their child (or their dog) I would never put in my unsolicited 2 cents. Just because it's not my way doesn't make it wrong.

He was 10 weeks old here.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I read Dooce too, and I love the idea about making money off of the haters! Almost makes me wish I had haters. :)

And I cannot believe got that comment about your amouti! But in our own experiences we have found Americans to be quite opinionated and more than willing to share that opinion.

canadianinclogs said...

It is unfortunate that someone would make a comment about your amouti (fyi, if I still lived in canada I would pay to have someone make one for me!) Even here in NL if you were to wear that I'm sure they would have something to say just because they have no clue about the ways of the north. And if you said Nunavut or Yukon, they would probably think you were talking about a type of fish. My youngest stepdaughter did a school project on Canadian foods... we did it province by province choosing things that were very popular in that province (ie: poutine in Quebec)... when she started talking about seal her entired class pretty much turned green! She just looked at them and said... this is how they eat, and they probably wouldn't like our food. So I think it's everywhere... as for Americans.. ya.. they are a little more opinionated then they should be at times. But the Dutch can be just the same.
WOW.. I babbled there didn't I? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your Mom raised a very smart woman.

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