Friday, August 21, 2009

Night time returns

It's so nice to have dark skies again and to be able to see the northern lights. They truly never get old. I have tried several times to get decent pictures but my skills and my camera were lacking and I've always ended up with a completely black exposure. I was thrilled when Jen offered to take me out and teach me how to do it right. So with my new Nikon and my newly acquired knowledge, these are the best ones I took.

I'm happy with them for a first try but I have alot to learn. I think I should have taken notes. To get a really good look at our night out please check out Jen's pics here.


Jana said...

love the pics! haven't seen northern lights like that since I lived in the Rockies

jen said...

I love the second one with the reflection on the water.

lindsay Niedzielski said...

So, what are the tips?:)

indigo said...

yeah, we want the tips!

Morena said...

Haha!! A tripod and 30 second exposure are the basics. And a better camera than I used to have. I love my Nikon.

Sarah said...

These are awesome photos---I went out a few days ago...and attempted to get some shots...Can't wait to try again! (been too cloudy--lately!)...

Cheers! Sarah

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