Saturday, August 22, 2009

Near disaster

On Thursday night someone noticed that the garage which houses the hamlet's 3 water trucks was billowing smoke. Luckily they got the doors open in time and were able to save two of the three trucks. They incurred some damage but with some cleaning are now back on the road. The third one was where the fire started and it's done.

I got to thinking about what luck it was that the others were saved. The water truck is the northern household's life line. With limited delivery since, we have been forgoing things like laundry and the dishwasher, just in case it took them a while to get to us. Tonight, just as I put Oliver down I saw the truck outside. The first time since the fire. YES!!! I get to tub tonight!

I love taking baths. Not to get clean, just to soak and read a good book. I know, it's a waste of water but we all have our weaknesses. Since I missed my soak the last few nights I enjoyed tonight's more than usual.