Sunday, August 30, 2009

My new- not so favorite- word


How much do I hate this word. I hate it because I'm a girl that wants what she wants and wants it now. And I'm usually lucky enough to get what I want. I'm not a NO kind of person. Then how is it that I'm now saying this terrible negative at least a thousand times a day? NO, don't put your hands in the dog dish. NO, don't pull my hair. NO, don't put that in your mouth. NO, you can't stand up in the bathtub...... I could go on but I think you get it. I'm not sure why I bother because he doesn't understand the word yet. Or maybe he just wants what he wants and is choosing to ignore me. Interesting theory. Hereditary trait?

I can hear your thoughts now. Get used to it, it's only going to get worse and I know your right. But I don't have to like it. I want what I want and I want a child who I don't have to keep saying no to. Too much to ask for?? Probably. I don't think I'll be getting this want any time soon.


KOTN said...

No is OK when you are saying it, not him ;)

WAit until he learns "mine"... ours has thanks to a Sesame Street episode with Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News, or, as Oscar calls him "Nightly News Face".

So, thanks Nightly News Face, for teaching my boy how to say "mine" and triggering years of loud disagreements with his older brother.

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