Friday, August 28, 2009

Health care?

As much as I enjoy living in the north there are some frustrations. I take them in stride because you have to, things don't just work like they do down south. The latest example of this came to a head on Monday. Four weeks ago today Nick and I took Oliver into the health center to get some blood drawn. Long story short it seems he may be anemic so the blood tests would confirm this or not. The first week we went in but the health centre was closed because of the massive amounts of flu in town. The nurses were run off their feet and were not dealing with anything accept for flu related illness and emergencies. I get that, no problem. We'll come back next week. The following week we went again but didn't get the blood drawn because the weather was bad, and was forcasted to stay bad. Bad weather = no planes = late blood delivery. So we'd more than likely have to do it again. Once again, no problem. Nobody controls the weather. Third times a charm right? Yup, we went in, got the test done and were waiting for the results, Monday or so at the latest. Well, by Tuesday we hadn't heard so I stopped in to ask. Would believe that all the blood taken that day (the Wednesday before) had only delivered to the lab on Monday? I won't go into detail on why but lets just say it's typical.

As I said, I take it all in stride because that's just the way things are here sometimes. Please know this was not the fault of the nurses here, they did what they were supposed to and were much more upset about it than I was. But then again, I'm not the one who has to redo all those blood draws, and many of them babies. Luckily, Oliver seems relatively immune to pain and barely made a peep when stuck so I'm sure it's not much of a bother to him. I do feel bad for other mothers as I'm sure their kids aren't so stoic. Attempt number four will be next week. Good thing it's not a life threatening situation.


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I often call our health care 'self serve' because often times you have to do things yourself. I once went to the health centre to ask a question (wasn't a super serious issue, but serious enough) and was asked by the nurse in charge "Have you googled it?"...seriously. I guess it is one of those things you have to accept living up here, so good for you for taking it in stride!

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