Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We appreciate all gifts

We are happy to have my parents visiting from New Brunswick this week. They arrived loaded with 4 huge suitcases filled with very few of their own things. Mostly they brought baby stuff I had been requesting. Bottles because I only had one. Plastic bibs because the cloth ones create too much laundry. Clothes because I bought too much when I was home and ran out of room in our bags. And of course they brought toys that make noise and light up. Because that's what Grandparents do.

They were also nice enough to include a few little things for Nick and I, like the newest technology in smoke detectors. Because... well, that's my Dad. Most notably they brought Tim Horton's donuts which I've said before (see 'The Year In Review') are considered a rare and cherished delicacy by all. Now if I was a very experienced blogger I would have thought to take pics of the donuts before we and the other vultures picked the boxes clean. Unfortunately, I didn't think to do so. So you get the pics of the smoke detectors instead.

Thanks Mom and Dad. It's great to have you here :)


Anonymous said...

I got the smoke detectors too....I wonder what Court gets next week..? LOL
They will be great in my new condo mind you!

Kennie said...

Yeah for visiting parents! And yeah for more brave NB'ers visiting the North! Let them know that the weather here in NB in crappy (with a capital C) - enjoy the sunshine while they can! :-)

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it... you might enjoy this site: (and they ship to Nunavut).

Morena said...

Thanks Kennie. I've bought a few things there before in the store but didn't know they had an online store. I'll check it out.

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