Tuesday, July 21, 2009

North vs South

Last week I received the new stroller ordered for Oliver. It's the quintessential southern baby travel system with the convenience of an adjustable handle, swivelling wheels, and several cup holders and storage compartments.

The same day I got my new northern 'travel system'. It came in the form of double sided, quilted material which I used to make a new amautik vest. This form of travel comes without cup holders and certainly no storage compartments. (although I did sew a pocket into my winter one)

I found it ironic that they should arrive on the same day. It was the perfect demonstration of what (in my opinion) is the biggest difference between living up here vs down south- SIMPLICITY.
While I love the amautik, I'm a southern girl. I like bells and whistles so I 'compromise' by having both....Nick on the other hand really likes the adjustable handle.