Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing the good old days

I remember the days when I rode around in the 'very back' of my parents station wagon. Somehow we survived being back there without seat belts. I could also ride my bike, without a helmet. Ironically, I was not allowed to be without fenders but the helmet, never an issue. Roller skating? No knee pads, no elbow pads, no problem. Of course in 2009, none of those things would fly. And as a parent, I get it. Times have changed and most of the time those changes are for the best.

Having said that, I still have a rant. WHY HAVE BABY WALKERS BEEN OUTLAWED!?! You remember them. The modern day excersaucer that back in the good old days had WHEELS! Now that's a fun toy. I'm sure lots of kids went down the stairs in them, including me I think. But is that a reason for them to be gone from Canadian stores? Can't we just be more careful?

Luckily, the american authorities have not yet seen fit to remove the best toy ever from the market. And even more lucky, we had someone who was willing to brave the border guards in order to smuggled one back for Mr. O and he loves it. For the record, it's a main floor toy only so there is no chance of him going down any stairs.

My connection will remain nameless but we thank you. :)


Kiggavik said...

We had one that we ordered from Sears just before Travis was born, 7 years ago. It was fantastic and did yeoman's duty here. Both Travis and Hilary made use of it.

It has now gone on to another family up here. At some level I can understand the reasons, but at what point do you stop legislating parental vigilance.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I am wicked jealous!!

Melissa said...

They are still in use here in the Netherlands... I just saw a bunch at the baby store when I was shopping.... a huge selection to. Too bad shipping is so much! :)

Great blog, I've been lurking for a bit now.


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