Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mattress Vs. Hardwood. HARDWOOD WINS!

Isaac has developed a new, very weird habit.

He insists on falling asleep in the hallway. He'll hang out in his bed for a while after I put him to bed but inevitably I find him here.

Even at my sisters house.

Every single night.

We even moved his bed over so it's right by the door thinking that would be close enough to make him happy but nope.


Lindsay said...

That's probably pretty annoying for you, but I find it hilarious....and super cute:)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is so funny! Does he make a fuss out there? Or just wander out and sleep? Crazy! I love all of your different pictures. Should be funny when you show those to him later on in life!

discount mattress pittsburgh said...

poor little baby sleeping only on the cute and cuddly..

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jen said...

HAHAHAH Kids are so weird. All you know is he'll eventually grow out of it, but I agree with Lindsay I'm sure you find it annoying, but it's super cute! And hilarious.

Anonymous said...

That is funny as hell!!


Morena said...

Kara, no he doesn't make a fuss at all. He'll lay there and talk to himself or whatever till he falls asleep

Jen and Lindsay, I actually find it incredibly funny and strange as well. I don't even try and put him back in this bed anymore. As long as he's quiet I just leave him there till he falls asleep.

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