Friday, January 27, 2012

My last northern post.

The movers have packed our stuff and moved it out to the airport. I sit in an empty house (well, empty of my stuff anyway) and reflect on our time here in Nunavut. We've had some fantastic times, met some amazing people and have seen and done things most Canadians never will. It hasn't all been roses, especially the last 6 months here in Pang. Some people have done their best to make things difficult for us but I refuse to let that taint the fond memories I will keep of our northern adventure. During our time here I've learned many things about myself and I'm very thankful for that. It has solidified my marriage in many ways too. I think Nick and I are stronger for this place where much of the time you have nobody to entertain you but each other. I'm so proud of the work he's done, the life we've built and the  sacrifices we've made.

I think the best way to celebrate our northern adventure is to revisit some of my favorite photos. They're not all great pictures but they do have the best of my memories attached.

Our first day in the north. July 16, 2008.

Feet in the Arctic Ocean.

Dog walks with great friends. Photo by Jennifer Eichenberg 

Love my amauti. Photo by Jennifer Eichenberg

Northern Lights

Learning to make parkas.

The Bowhead whale in Cape Dorset.

New years eve 2009.


Polar Dip. July 2009
Exploring Pang.

At the top of Mount Duval.

Nunavut Day Barbecue 2010.

The views never get old.

Neither do the sunsets.

So this is it.
I’ll miss being part of the northern blogging community as I’ve made friends with many other bloggers along the way. I hope you will continue to follow the our little family’s southern adventures and watch as our kids grow. I’ve decided that I will be sticking with this version of the blog as it seems that is the popular opinion and am already looking for ideas to update my header to reflect our new location.
Finally, I want to thank Nunavut and it’s people for it’s hospitality. For being the first home our kids have known. I hope to get back here someday and be able to show Oliver and Isaac the beautiful land they may not remember considering their age. I’m proud to have been a Nunavimiut, if only for a short time.


Tina said...

Awww that made my heart sick. I cant imagine how i will feel when the day comes when we leave the north. Safe travels and check in soon!

jen said...

*sniff*...they were good times! :( I had some depressing sad song playing in my mind while looking at all those memories (even the ones I wasn't part of lol).

Lindsay said...

That brought a little tear to my eyes....I still really miss the north and being apart of everything that it had....good and bad. I will hold those memories close to me forever as you will too!! Good luck with the move, I'm sure you will love being back down south and so close to family.