Thursday, January 19, 2012

The final countdown

We arrived back in Pang yesterday. This is significant for a couple of reasons. One: We were able to get back all in one day.(shocking I know)  And two: It's the last time I'll be doing that trip. How weird to think that. Flying (and often the lack of flying) has been such a staple in our lives for the last few years. I can't say that I'm disappointed though. If there is anything I won't miss about the north it's the long and unpredictable travel you have to endure to get here. Now that we're back I've gone from vacation mode to madly sorting, cleaning, throwing out and organizing mode. The packers come a week from today and there is so much to get done.

It's strange but when we landed, for the first time Pang didn't feel like home. I guess my brain moved south when we left on vacation in December and I kind of feel like these final 10 days are a technicality. I've spent the last few weeks buying furniture, decorating my new house (if only in my head) and working on my resume. I'm already stressing about finding a job and getting the kids in to daycare. Funny how you can just fall back in to the rat race after living a blissful, isolated, relaxing life. Not that being a stay at home mom is relaxing at the best of times but my life in the north is overall, pretty calm.

Over the last month I've been mulling over a decision on whether I should keep up the blog, start a new southern version or just stop all together. You may have noticed that when I'm down south I'm not exactly a great blogger. It's not that I don't have things to talk about it just seems hard to take the time to actually do it. Having said that, I've already decided that stopping is not the answer. That leaves sticking with this one or starting another one. The only reason for starting a new one is to separate the north and the south. I get many requests for 'moving north' advice and hope that I get to continue doing that. Leaving this one as a northern blog would make it easier for potential Nunavumiut to find me. On the other hand, this is way more of a mommy blog than a northern blog so north or south, the subject matter would be pretty much the same and the northern posts would still be there to find. Decisions, decisions. 

9 more sleeps till we leave. 1657 things left to do.


Anonymous said...

I say keep this one...just change it up. A new adaptation so to speak.


Sarah said...

I vote keep this one... as you still have Kids and a bulldog! ;) let me know if you need any help over the next few days...

:) Sarah

DaveH said...

I found this blog because it was northern but have enjoyed reading all your content. I vote (if I were to have one) to keep it.