Monday, January 23, 2012

Bum in the water please....

... my mantra for tub time. And this is why:

Nick is calling him Georges St. Pierre cause it looks like a fighting injury.

Last night Isaac took a header in the bathtub. He slipped and caught his face on the side of the tub and split his eye lid. It was a pretty gaping wound and I figured he'd need some stitches so off we went to the health center. When we got there the nurse told us we would have to medivac him to Iqaluit and have him sedated in order to actually stitch it so she used the glue instead. He was the perfect patient and with Nick and I holding him down, she had him fixed up in no time.

I was really dreading seeing him this morning because I thought he was going to wake up with it swollen shut or a huge shiner. It was a relief to see that the swelling isn't much worse than it was last night and although he does have a bit of a black eye but it's pretty subtle. If he wasn't as fair as he is I doubt you'd even really see it. I'm very thankful for that.

I don't dout this is just the first of many trips to a medical facility being the mother of two boys. Unfortunately I'm sure this is the last time I'll get to walk right in, have the whole center to ourselves and be out of there in an hour. I'm over all pretty critical of health care up here but there are undoubtedly some perks to the northern health system.


Tina said...

So i missed it. Or did i. Where are you moving in new brunswick?

Morena said...

Nick's been posted to Oromocto Tina. We're thrilled! We leave on Satuday.