Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

It was Oliver's first time trick or treating door to door and he did very well. He wasn't shy going in the houses and said his line loud and clear. I'm proud to say he was very polite and said thank you at every door without prompting so I call that a success. I actually should say every door except at the one where he said, 'I want more candy' instead. Luckily the lady shelling thought that was the cutest thing she'd every heard (her words) and happily gave him some more.

Trick or Treat Jackpot!!! A can of pop.One can goes for anywhere from $2-$4 depending on the availability at the store so I'm surprise to see them being handed out for free.

Isaac didn't participate in trick or treating and stayed behind with Nick to pass out candy. He did however make a splash at the kids community party placing second in the Best Costume contest for his age group. His prize was $20 which we put in his piggy bank. 

Awaiting the judging results

We finished off the day at the big community party at the high school. There were lots of very creative costumes vying for the $200 top prize. My favorite was the 'upside down guy' who did such an amazing job with his mannerisms that it was very hard to tell he wasn't actually walking on his hands. The 'Man dressed as woman' category was also memorable. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I don't have any shots of the evening's events.

On top of Halloween, yesterday was Nick's Birthday. So one more Happy Birthday wish for your special day honey. Love you lots, even if you are old. I know, I'm older but aging doesn't bother me like it does you so I had to put in that little jab. X0X0X0X

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween.

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