Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Prose

It was mid October and my hopes came to fruition,
Pumpkins!  but the price would cut in to the kids future tuition.
I spent 18 dollars and could have spent more
but knew if I did I might be put out the door.
I waited and waited till just the right day
so the pumpkin would last till the thirty first day
but I shouldn't have waited, the perfect timing forgotten
when I took it down from the shelf to find it was rotten
But we carved it and lit it in spite of it's lean
To everyone, Have a Happy Halloween!

Ok, so I'm no Shakespear... or Dr. Seusse.

I was so excited about carving our pumpkin this year because I thought Oliver was old enough to really get in to it. Not only was the pumpkin rotten but I couldn't get O to touch anything but the stem. He's a boy! I thought he'd love to get his hands dirty but he wasn't having anything to do with it. I went ahead and carved it anyway so the kids could see it and had to prop it up because it was rotting from the bottom. That meant it was leaning forward on it's one good side so you couldn't see the face. Then I lit it, took a couple of photos and immediately dumped it in the garbage.

I hate that might as well have thrown the $18 in the garbage but I'm sure glad I didn't pay $29 dollars for one with two good sides!

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