Monday, July 18, 2011

Settling in

We have been south for almost a week now and we are finally getting settled and feeling at home. We've been busy enjoying being with family and taking advantage of all the perks the south has to offer.

Oliver, true to form has just slid into the our new way of life as if nothing has happened. He's having an amazing time hanging out with Erik and they are like the best of buddies. He's learned so much from his older cousin in such a short time I think Nick is going to be shocked when he gets here, he's changed so much already. I love that every night he's asleep within minutes because he's so tired from his busy day. I love that he gets in the tub every night because he's dirty, not because it's part of our routine. This is the way he should be living.

Isaac is having a little bit harder time getting into the new routine. My normally very happy baby who never cries has cried more in the first 4 days than he has in his whole life. The last couple of days he seems to be getting back to his old self so things are looking up. He is also crawling on all fours (instead of on his belly) and has begun walking around furniture just a little bit.

As for me, I'm loving being here. I've almost peed myself laughing with my sister and I'm really enjoying watching Oliver play with his cousin. I've had a couple kid free evenings which were lovely and I'm going shopping tomorrow. I can't wait. One thing I find amusing is how little I've been near a computer in the last 5 days. Funny because if I lose my Internet connection for an hour in Pang I'm losing my mind. I love that I have so many better things to do. So I'll be out of touch some over the next few weeks but I'll do my best not to drop off the face of the earth.

I leave you with some pictures of O and Erik having tones of fun.

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