Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ready to go

So you'll notice that there is only one square left without an X on it which means..... ONE SLEEP LEFT till the boys and I head out. I'm soooo excited. And strangely, I feel like I'm packed, everything is done and I don't need to have my usual frantic, panicked final 24 hours. So much so that we're actually going out to a barbecue tonight.

Other than the obvious reasons for wanting to be down south (warm weather, grandma's, kid free time, beaches, playgrounds, movie theaters, shopping.... ) I'm super excited to be spending the next 6 weeks with my BFF, my sister, Courtney. There is nobody in this world who I laugh with more and I miss hanging out with her so much. Court is my little sister by seven years but I always refer to her as my little big sister. She's the one that's always keeping things together when we're doing things. She's much more direct and decisive that I am, both qualities I wish I was better at. And she's just fun.

Taken by Jen last summer while I was prego.
To make things better, we have kids that are close in age so we have so many things planned for the next few weeks I hope we have time to do it all. She does have a job that she has to work around which really gets in the way of things. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow night my sister! I can't wait. Love you.


Sarah said...

Have a FANTASTIC vacation.. and enjoy your time with your sister!! :) hope her 'pesky' job doesn't get in the way too much!!

I'll see you when you return!! :) Sarah

Michelle Boucher said...

Awww....have so much fun. A well deserved vacation!

jen said...

BON VOYAGE!! Hope it goes smoothly tomorrow. I'll be sending you some good mojo!

noinvitationrequired said...

Have a great trip Morena!!!!