Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A visit from Oma

I've been out of touch for a while but it was for a very good reason. My mommy was in town! It was a great visit and we showed her all the sights and excitements Pang has to offer. Of course she soaked up tones of grand baby time and gave me much appreciated help around the house. Who doesn't love a visit from mom?

The best part about having Oma here is the chance for her to get to know the kids in their own home. Oliver has always been a little strange around my mom and would resist her efforts to hug him or give him any real attention. She is convinced that's because in the past, every time we've been around her Nick and I have left him there and disappeared. She has a point since she has been the primary baby sitter when ever we've been in NB. We even left him with she and my dad for 10 days when he was only 10 months old so we could go to to Hawaii. This time around things went much better. They had a wonderful time together doing crafts and making forts and there was lots of hugs and kisses to go around.

I've never been someone who thought it was overly important to have the grandparents live close by. I didn't have that growing up and I never felt like I was missing out. It kind of made it extra special when we did get to see them. Now having kids of my own, I feel like I'm cheating them out of something by being so far away from family. My sister lives just down the road from our parents and my mom babysits her son and I have to admit, I'm jealous of the time they have together. I know she has a first hand view of all those funny/cute/amazing/adorable things that Erik does and I desperately wanted her to get to know all of Oliver's 'specialness' in the same way. This week she's been able to part of Oliver's nightly dance party, heard how well he speaks, seen how gentle and loving he is with Isaac and has got to know how special he really is. She also got lots of uninterrupted cuddle time with Isaac which was nice since she'd only been around him for about 12 days total since he was born.

I know that the fact that we live far away from the family was our choice and it isn't going to change any time soon. Even when we leave the north we don't plan to be in the Maritimes but hopefully we'll get to have visitors much more often then we do now. For now we'll have to look forward to our next vacation. We only have 5 more weeks before the kids and I leave so we don't have a long wait.


Karyn said...

We've always lived in a different town than our parents, so my kids aren't used to having them close by, either. And yet, when my parents were moving a couple of years ago, all my son wanted was for them to move close enough so that he could walk to their house after school for cookies. He just had it in his mind that that was how it was supposed to be with grandparents, despite never having had the experience. (They didn't, for the record, but we're only about 2 hours apart now)

I'm glad you had such a nice visit!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Same thing here. My brother only lives four hours from my parents, so his boys spend a lot of time with my folks. My boys see my folks about twice a year and Matt's parents just once a year. They talk to them on the phone alot though. This summer the boys will spend just over a week at my parents place. I sure hope it goes well!

Glad your mom enjoyed her time there!

noinvitationrequired said...

Glad you had an awesome visit!!! I totally get feeling like you are cheating you kids - my sister lives in the same city as my mom and dad and I always kinda wish that my kids got to see their grandparents as often as their cousins....especially now that Paige can actually vocalize that she 'misses grandma'....one day!!!!