Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old blubber for lunch

The weather has been amazing here that last couple of days. We hit temperatures of a whopping 14 degrees today and with only a light wind it's been almost like summer. To take advantage of warmth we went out to have a family picnic. I packed up sandwiches and snacks, picked up Nick at the office and off we went to the Hudson Bay Old Blubber Station.

The blubber station was built in the mid 1920's by the Hudson Bay Company. It was, as the name suggests where the European whalers and the Inuit processed whale blubber. By processed I mean they boiled it, then put it in to barrels to be shipped and sold in foreign markets. You'll also notice the building looks all nice and shiny white because it was fixed up last year as a first step in a restoration project that will take a few years to finish. The building now houses two replica's of old whaling boats and is a historic tourist attraction. The spot where it sits is a really nice area overlooking the harbour and there is actually grass there so it's perfect for a picnic.

Oliver had a great time running around the rocks and 'the barn'. He also tried out his new bubble stick. If you look closely there are bubbles in this picture.

Isaac enjoyed eating the grass after he lost his cookie. And I was a neglectful mother and didn't think to bring any wipes so he went around with a very dirty face after his meal.

I took advantage of the beautiful surroundings to have Nick take a few pictures of me with the kids. I have so few of me with them since I'm always taking the pictures.

When Nick had to go back to work, the boys and walked up to the playground then back home for nap time. It was a fabulous day.