Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another use for FB

Four weeks ago a random Facebook status update ended up being an impromptu on-line viewing party at 'Paula's place'. Since then I've looked forward to Monday nights as the one of the best parts of my week. It starts with a FB update invitation and about 100 comments later (150 is our record) we've talked all about how hot JP is, how we hate Ashley and laughed at whatever stupid situation ABC has dreamed up for this season of The Bachelorette. I've been enjoying it so much. It's just like the good old days when I used to spend my Thursday nights at Nicole's watching Survivor, only this time none of us are in the same room. I've missed watching my bad TV with people who can appreciate why I love watching it... which is because it's just so bad. Like a train wreck you know?

I don't get a lot of social contact around here because of being at home with the kids and having a husband that's on call most of the time. The mommy group I attend is on hold for the summer so my new Monday group is a wonderful distraction from my day to day life. I guess it's a like having a little piece of my former, single, non-mom life that a little piece of me will always miss.

Now, I know that maybe if I didn't spend so much time on FB I'd have a more active 'in person' social life. Even so, on Monday's I'd still be feeding my addiction to bad reality TV so it's great not to have to do it alone. Thanks ladies! See you next Monday.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I really do love FB for the mommy connections that I have made. Seriously, I started stalking you on here by noticing comments you left on Jenn's page. FB and these blogs have been lifesavers for me!

Now about the crappy tv viewing.... heheheh

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Me too. I see by previous posts that you are heading to new brunswick on the 28th. We fly to halifax on the 30th. Maybe we will meet up in toronto hahaha

Morena said...

Tina, as much as I would love to meet you, if I'm still in TO on the 30th.... well, it wouldn't be good. Have a good trip though!

And Kara, I'm so glad you're a stalker cause I value your friendship. And I love that I've reconnected with very old friends, even if it's only in the cyber world.