Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the move

About a week or so ago Isaac started crawling. Actually commando crawling where he shuffles around on his belly. Of course we were so proud of his accomplishment and would gaze lovingly at him while he worked his way from one point of interest to the next. That warm and fuzzy feeling lasted about a day. While I'm still proud, his accomplishment represents the next step in the chaos that 2 mobile children brings to a household.

#1- I never know where he'll be when I leave the room. He's taken a liking the the corner behind the lazy boy chair so if I can't see him, that's the first place I'll check.

#2- He's now able to get to where Oliver is playing so we have begun having to deal with a little sibling rivalry. Sharing and taking turns are new lessons to be learned.

#3- We've had to start baby proofing when we have only recently got used to easy access to all our drawers and cupboards again.

#4- Isaac's mobility puts a bright shining light on my sad excuse for housekeeping. I'm embarrassed to see how dirty he can be only an hour after he gets dressed. I've been vacuuming and mopping more than I ever have but with the dog, the cats and the dust, I just can't stay ahead of it. He's like my very own mobile swiffer cloth.

He's such a cute swiffer though. I just can't enough of his chubby cheeks!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

his cubby cheeks are awesome!! :)

he's getting sooooo big! :)

Can't wait to meet him in person!