Thursday, May 5, 2011

15 shows left

As a stay at home mom I cherish nap time. I have been super lucky that I've managed to keep both boys on a schedule where they nap at the same time. That means I usually get about 2 hours of uninterrupted 'me time' every day. I know how rare that is for most moms so I don't take it for granted. Some may call it selfish to take that time for myself as opposed to getting some of those things that need to get done around the house. I say that I need that time to recharge and be the best mom I can be the other 22 hours a day. If the house work doesn't get done, so be it. A messy house is far less stressful to me than not having time to myself.

The thing I do most during my time is playing on the computer while watching Oprah. I've always been an fan of her show and can honestly say that I've probably be watching for if not the whole 25 years, pretty close to it. I've learned alot, I've cried over many of the stories and have laughed a whole bunch too. My favorite stories are the the ones where she talks about something I didn't know about at all. Like the one about 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides that she had on yesterday. I'm glad to know about this time in history and am glad I was watching yesterday.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those ultimate viewers that thinks she is an angel fallen from heaven that can do no wrong. It drives me bananas that she constantly interrupts people and tries to finish their sentences. I think she can come off as very arrogant and can send out a vibe that she's better than every one else. And I often think the world has gone too Oprah by trying to read into everything rather than just letting things be, just because they are. Like the fact I'm over weight because I like to eat too much, not because I'm trying to feed something that's missing in my life... just as an example. I'm sure that for some, Oprah's way of thinking is valid. And if it gets you to where you want to be, then great. But it just drives me crazy listening to it. I usually don't watch those shows.

Whether you love her or hate her you have to admit that she's done alot in the world just by being on the air five days a week. People credit her for giving them the information or the motivation to change their lives for the better. She is an immovable part of our culture and over all I think she's going off the air having left the world a better place. But for me, she's just leaving a hole in my afternoon that I'm not happy about. If I was going to be all Oprah about it, I would use this opportunity to improve our lives for that hour rather than sitting on my butt watching TV. I'll have to see what replaces her show, and then I'll think about it.

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Michelle B said...

Nap time should be referred to as mental health time. I fully agree that housework can wait, and time should be taken for you. Ethan is at preschool and Finn is napping, and I'm reading blogs and eating Eggies - me time! Enjoy your time, whether you share it with Oprah or not :)