Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Power of Please

Please.... Please is a word that has become elusive around this house. From very early on Oliver mastered the art of please and thank you which was awesome for obvious reasons and very adorable. In the last couple of months he has to be reminded more and more often that he hasn't said the magic word and won't be getting his request fulfilled till he does.

The technique I try most often is ignoring his request and then finally making a big deal out of the please when it comes. However, with an easy going kid like O that doesn't always get the point across. Half the time he just moves on to something else when I ignore him and I feel like he's getting a negative 'Mommy doesn't care' message rather than getting the point I'm trying to make. I know that he's only 2 and maybe assuming he'll get the point is to large an expectation.

The really funny thing is, when I do remind him, he makes a big spectacle of it by pleading over and over for the item. Please, please, please... PUH LEEEEESE!!! He's such a smart ass... he's just like his father.

On a positive note, the thank you's are firmly in place. When ever we're out he'll thank someone for opening a door for us, or will thank the cashier at the Northern when we're done checking out. It's very cute and I'm glad I'm not fighting battles on both sides of politeness.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

We are pushing manners here too!

So last night Hunter demanded that I take his bowl to the kitchen for him. I refused until he said please. Instead he told me to do it now! So he went to bed instead, about 1/2 an hour before his usual bed time. He was no impressed! hehehe