Friday, April 1, 2011

The Boys Are Back

In less than an hour my life will be consumed with men. Men in blue, men in black, men in white..... sometimes they will wear red hats. The Toronto Blue Jays season opener is tonight and from this day till the end of September (October is wishful thinking I think) the dominantly male household that I live in will be consumed with talk of those men. While I won't say I enjoy the game I will say I've come to appreciate the art of it. The strategy is interesting and the stats... well they amaze me every time with the speed that they can tell me that it was 1972 last time someone hit a home run, while the first basemen had on long socks while the bat boy took a break to get a hot dog. Why they keep all this information is beyond me but it's been going on for over one hundred years.

The boys in our house are excited. Good luck to my boyfriends Jose and Travis. And Happy Opening Day to all the Jays fans out there.