Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amauti frustrations

You'd think that after 2 babies I would have learned how to get one in to an amauti. I've received advice on different techniques and I've tried them all. Yet, I still just can't do it. I took this picture today after a 15 minute work out with Isaac screaming and pulling my hair (which started out in a ponytail). And you'll also notice he's not even in properly. 

Today was an unusually rough attempt I must admit, however even when I have better luck he ends up in there in some sideways fashion. Then I'll stop at the detachment to get Nick to readjust before I can go anywhere. So frustrating!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

DUDE! I have to best technique!!

Lay kid on sofa on their tummy (put pillow on either side if they wiggle too much). Put yourself at their feet, bend right over and flip the hood over you and them. Reach out and grab their waist and lift them in a bit as you are bent over. Then you have their waist on the top of your head. Balance kid there with one hand and grab the rim of your hood with the other. Then stand up and do the jump and down maneuver and they slide right down and in (most times). Then just bring your arms up your sleeves and reach back to put their feet out however you like.

I really should have done a video on that one...

Your photo is hilarious (for me, not you). I can see the frustration and exhaustion in your face (and your hair)! heheh Poor northern mama.

jen said...

It's NOT you, it's the lining! I have the EXACT problem with my white one, no amount of gravity or sliding ever happened. Ez always just got all stuck up in the fabric. Now with my oven mitt, she slides right in! NO problems and then I was all OH that's what everyone was talking about! You have a fleece lining, it's not you! I LOVE that picture of you though! lol

Morena said...

I know you're right Jen. The fabric does cause problems but it looks so nice! lol! And Kara, that's a technique I haven't tried so I will next time. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

Jen said...

So, I am one of your lurkers. But I have 3 amautis, and I use them all the time! I have videos that I did to explain how they work and how to use them for a forum I frequented. I slide them over my shoulder, and I pull up the hood as far as I can so they have no choice but to slide right into the bottom of the pouch... even if the lining is not giving my any slip. I kinda hold the hood above my head and give a little bounce to get them all seated the the bottom as well. Now that my kids are older though, I just crouch on the floor and they climb in. When they were little I wrapped them in a blanket, but still slid them over my shoulder.

I have videos here if you wanna see how I did it. The first 2 are with my denim summer amauti, and the 3rd video is with my winter amauti.

Heres my how to get in video: http://s159.photobucket.com/albums/t134/crystalwaterdancer/?action=view&current=021-8.mp4

Heres my how to get out video: http://s159.photobucket.com/albums/t134/crystalwaterdancer/?action=view&current=022-3.mp4

and heres my "make the 4yr old happy with a turn and show how she sits different in it" video: http://s159.photobucket.com/albums/t134/crystalwaterdancer/?action=view&current=023-3.mp4

Jen said...

Oh yes, sometimes after I had them over my shoulder and the hood up, they would kinda get stuck up there. So keeping one hand holding the hood up and the kiddo trapped inside there... I would slide one arm back inside my sleeve, and grab their feet from the back and pull them down... especially if they were being toddlers and trying to escape to go grab whatever they can reach off store shelves or whatever.

jen said...

Jen, I'm telling you it's her lining lol! My summer amauti slips just fine, not my winter, same as Morena. I don't know about Morena, but my winter one won't allow for any arm slippage, it fits just perfectly and I can not remove my arms after the baby is in to adjust anything. Not true with my summer, I can do all those things. My summer amauti makes me feel like a pro, while my winter one makes me feel like a newbie. It's the fit and different materials.

Also does anyone else notice the WORLD of difference getting a toddler in versus a baby? A small baby is so much harder to get in!

Cute videos Jen! Morena and I made one when my daughter was small (http://jenofnunavut.blogspot.com/2009/03/amauti-tango.html).
It doesn't do a good job at all of showing how to get her in, because I just couldn't and still can't in that parka. I always had help getting her in because the lining (even with the techniques described here) would refuse and I'd end up just like Morena's picture.

Morena said...

Thanks for the tips Jen... Baby wearing Jen that is. The technique you discribe is pretty much the same one I use, or TRY to use but it still doesn't work. Even when it all goes well he ends up sideways. I can actually get my arms inside to adjust his feet as long as he's down far enough for me to reach. I'm going to watch your video's though and see if I can pick up any tips. Thanks for the links.

I think Jen's right about the fabric but mostly I think I'm just inadequate. The only time I could get my kids in without problems is when they were tiny and in bunting bags. Then there were no legs to worry about getting caught or hands to pull hair as they went in.

They way Isaac is growing I won't be able to carry him in there much longer anyway. Not because he's too big but because he'll just be too heavy. I don't know how people carry around these huge kids in them!

Morena said...

KARA!!!! You're my saviour!

I tried it today and it worked like a charm. I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this out from you.

Thanks so much.

Jen said...

I always find putting in bigger kids is harder to some degree because they are all legs akimbo, and sometimes are little turkeys and bend their legs up into the hood. Thats when I started pulling the hood up over our heads and sliding that arm in to yank em down!

Wee babes I can swaddle and there is no issue, but that lift over the head I could never quite get... I always got them in the hood, not the pouch! Super annoying. Thats when I started the slide over shoulder thing.

My winter has quilt lining, so its got a lot of slip to it, but my summer denim one does not, so we often got stuck. I've used a friends that has fleece, and found getting my arm inside was key. I actually started with one arm in, and one out, got the kiddo in the right spot and then leaned forward to get the pressure off the pouch so I could get my arm back in the sleeve. I have a hoodless sleeveless double layered cotton one for summer... I wore my then 4yr old in that to Disneyland! It took awhile to get the hang of it... it has no hood, and I usually pull that up super high to make kids slide in!

I've seen people slip their arms out the top and hang it around their waist... slide baby to their back and then pull the amauti up and over the baby, then slip arms.

I love your video Jen! The name is perfect "Amauti Tango"

I carry my 5yr old in my amauti lots, but I also have built up a LOT of carrying strength. I have a dayhome, and wear those kids all the time in lots of kinds of carriers. My own kids are getting a bit big for it all though... But I've been babywearing for about 10 yrs now!

I'll totally try out Karas method next time! Its sounds cool... I'm glad you got it worked out!

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