Monday, March 28, 2011

Poor Puppy

The temperature got up as high as -5 yesterday and without any wind it was down right balmy here. We just had to get out a enjoy it a little so we took 'the boys' out for a run. Our usual running spot still doesn't have enough snow for sliding so we went to to the mountain behind the school which turned out to be fantastic. We did make a big mistake however. We let, or should I say encouraged Tank to follow us up the mountain.

And then he chased us down the hill.

Since we came back, this is what he's been doing.

Not only is he totally worn out, he's so stiff he can barely move. He's in pretty bad shape actually. He can't get up on the couch without help and stairs are a struggle. Nick helped him out a bit when he had to go out before bed.

We should have known better because it wouldn't be the first time he's had problems after physical exhertion but I've never seen him this bad before. But then again he's never climbed up and down a mountain before. The only consolation is that he had a great time. Poor puppy. We hate to leave him home but next time we will. For his own good.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That's how I feel after going up and down the mountain too!!!

Was Isaac in the amouti for the slide down?

Morena said...

Yes he was Kara, sound asleep!

Melodie said...

Awwww! I love your dog. Haha. What a cutie! Hope he recovers fast. At least he had fun though. lol.

Melissa said...

OH poor puppy. Maybe after a day like that you could get a heating pad on low to ease the aches? I don't know much about bulldogs but I've done that with my little mutt when I notice he's getting stiff.

I'll Have Nunavut said...

Awe too cute