Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now what do I do with it?

Since January I've been going to the local meetings of the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program. The program is in place to promote good nutrition for pre and post natal woman and their babies and they meet three times a week at the health center. Monday and Friday we get together in the afternoons to participate in some type of activity. Wednesday's the meetings are in the evenings and the coordinators show how to prepare a healthy meal which everyone gets to partake in when it's done. As an added bonus, on Friday we get to take home a hamper with the ingredients to make Wednesday's meal at home on our own.  

I usually only go to the Monday and Friday meetings and have had lots of fun with the activities. We've had speakers come in and talk about everything from food safety to mental health. We've done a movie day, a spa afternoon, we've made baby blankets and we've tried yoga. One of my favorites was the day an elder came in and talked about what is was like to go through pregnancy when she had her kids and they were still living out on the land. It's been a great experience for me to get out and meet some local moms and get myself and the kids out of the house a couple times a week. Oliver has really enjoyed getting to play with some other kids as there are a couple other boys just a bit older than he is. These meetings are the closest thing to a mommy group this town has and I'm not the only one that attends more for social reasons than for nutrition.

This Friday when we left our hampers included a freshly caught Arctic Char. Frozen, whole, ungutted, with it's head.... Isn't he cute??

Despite being a maritimer I am not a fish eater but Nick enjoys it so I would like to cook it for him. I however have no idea where to start. Cleaning him would be the first step I guess but I may need to get some help with that. Anyone want to come over and gut him? I could use some recipe ideas too if anyone has any.


noinvitationrequired said...

I can't help you with the gutting it (Corey always did that) but the way that we cooked our char was that once it was gutted and halfed, we would cover it with a mixture of mayo and ranch dressing (or just mayo, or mayo combined with dill spices etc.), spices, and then crushed saltine crackers overtop - cook it (30 ish minutes, depending on how thick it is)....i've tried char lots of different ways but this was my favorite!

I'll Have Nunavut said...

Hey Morena

At work the other day they ate it RAW and frozen. EWEee
I am not a fish person either, but if I was to eat it I like it B-bQ. Sounds like a great group.

Anonymous said...

Let it thaw a little, cut it into fillets, get rid of the bits you don't want. I like it frozen, with a little salt - not much, there's lots of flavour.

jen said...

Easy way is in the oven, cover with milk cook 350 for 30 minutes...until you can basically pull the meat off gently with a fork. I guess that's called flaky?

Other ways I like to do it in the oven, with wine, butter, garlic and onions.

You can really cook it anyway. Fry in a pan with olive oil and any seasonings, skin down first until brown, then flip. Maybe 10 minutes on both sides?

Your on your own with gutting it though! lol

jen said...

P.S "I'll have Nunavut", of all the things to eat raw up there, Char is the best. :)

It seems so normal getting something like that handed to you in a garbage bag or a co-op bag...but I've been down here so long it's makes me chuckle all over again.

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