Saturday, March 5, 2011

The affair that may end it all.

I knew when I married him he was a computer geek. It has never interfered with our lives before so I accepted it as part of the deal. Since we moved up north the time to time affairs with PS3 games came and went and I turned a blind eye to what was going on. But then we went to Florida. Fueled by the super fast Internet he started a love affair with Warcraft. Once again I played the dutiful wife knowing full well that it would be short lived because the northern internet couldn't possibly sustain the connection.

The worst has happened. Warcraft has followed us to Nunavut and the affair continues. Why can I not properly watch a YouTube video without it 'buffering' but our crappy internet can move fast enough that he can play his stupid game? I have friends that have become Warcraft widows and I have now joined their ranks. I just don't get the appeal of video games. I have visions of that episode of Southpark where Cartman and the gang discover warcraft. Am I going to be serving him chips and fast food by his computer so he doesn't starve? Are the kids going to have to go without a father unless they create their own avatars and join in?

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself and I'm of course exaggerating the hold the game has on him but seriously! I hate that game..... How many hours a day can you sit in front of a computer? It could be possible that the real reason I'm upset is that his playing of the game has infringed on my own affair with the laptop. It seems I have been bumped down to the web book which is a huge down grade. Especially since all my pictures and stuff are stored on the Warcraft machine. So maybe I'm just being selfish. Maybe I should embrace the new addition to our marriage.

Not a chance....


jen said...

You must VETO warcrap!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Thank god I have a husband who hates any sort of video game. The fact that he will play scrabble on facebook with me was a huge jump. He has even said no video games in the house for the kids!! I convinced him to let me buy an ipad and put some educational games on there for the kids (and angry birds cause that is just fun).

It might be time to hide the computer on him Morena!! :)

Melodie said...

Ah the classic 'you asking yourself if you're selfish' yet the 'affair' he's doing of course is not considered selfish!


Tell him to get you a new computer if he's going to be on it all the time!