Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Neglected Child

If you were new to my blog the last couple of months I doubt you would even know that I had a second child. It kind of dawned on me that I barely mention him other than the odd picture. But lets be honest... he's a baby. He doesn't do anything! Sleeping, pooping and eating doesn't make for very interesting blog posts. But I thought you might like an update on how he's doing so this post is about him.

Isaac is doing great and has turned out to be another very easy baby (lucky me!). At three and half month he's a big boy tipping the scales at almost 15 and half pounds. He eats well (obviously) and he has just started sleeping through the night. Well 4 days and counting so I hope it lasts. Just like his older brother, Isaac is in love with his Jolly Jumper. He'll stay in there for an hour sometimes just bouncing happily. He's actually a better bouncer than Oliver was and is quite fluid in his motions.

Isaac is also a very smiley baby and loves attention. He'll often get whiny just long enough to have someone pay attention to him and he's all smiles again. If you look away, the whining returns. I think he's going to be a much more high maintenance kid than Oliver was and is. That will have it's challenges I'm sure. We haven't hit the milestone of rolling over yet but he's very close. He's doing a good job of travelling around his crib however and I'm never sure which direction he'll be facing in the morning.

So that's my Isaac update. Now I feel like a better mom having spoken of him. I'm sure in the near future I'll be bombarding you all with his latest accomplishment or cute moment so I'm sure I'll make up for the lack of posts in his first few months.

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So cute!