Friday, November 19, 2010

Pangnirtung Warming?

I'm not going to speculate about if Global Warming is the cause of the heat wave we're having because whether I believe it is or not, I don't want to get into that debate. What I can say is that today it's +3 and raining. The little snow we have is melting at a rapid pace and there is not a cube of ice in the fiord.

As per Environment Canada, normal temperatures for today in history range from a high of -12 to a low of -20. It's only been a few years but my limited northern experience tells me that we should be knee deep in snow by now and well on our way to ice fishing instead of seeing boats in the water. Nick told me yesterday that the word around town is that they are worried that the fiord won't freeze enough to make it safe to cross this winter.

While I'm sure the arctic winter we know and 'love' will show up eventually I'm going to enjoy the above zero temps they are forecasting through the rest of the weekend. There is just enough snow to make the mountains look amazing. I don't have to bundle Oliver up within a inch of his life to go to the store. For the moment, I'm choosing to not think about the long term consequences and just enjoy.

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