Sunday, October 24, 2010


Isaac is one month old today.

To my surprise, Oliver is still loving his little brother and is, or at least he tries to be a big help in taking care of him. From the time we brought him home O called him Ikey which is ironic since Ike is a short form of Isaac. I don't want him called by a nick name but it is pretty cute coming out of O's mouth. As long as nobody else picks it up, I'm ok with it.  Happy one month my little man!

PS: I have never acknowledged the 'winner' of the informal baby pool. If you remember I asked for guesses on how big he'd be after I found out Isaac was already over seven pounds with 4 weeks to go. The winner was Jody who guessed 9 lbs 6 oz. Good guess! Only off by half a pound.


Debra said...

That's too cute ... I remember Ben uses to call Payton "Titi" and she would call him "Ba". And now they're trying to get Owen to call them that .... but the names never stuck. Good luck this week.

My English Bulldog said...

Thanks for this post .....................